This talk discusses how we as Citizens can use the Adversity that we face every day as a way to change the world in which we all live for the better. While training to deploy with the United States Army Marcus suffered a serious spinal injury. During the ensuing surgery he died on the operating table twice. Subsequently he was left paralyzed from the neck down. Unsure of his future, Marcus went into a deep depression. In his darkest hour he had a personal epiphany that force him to see his injury as a learning opportunity. Through this Gift of Adversity Marcus was able to overcome his paralysis and walk again. His message is that Adversity is a gift that demands our greatest efforts to rise above our current obstacles and to become better citizens and leaders.


Marcus Aurelius Anderson is a prolific speaker. His critically Acclaimed TEDx Talk “The Gift of Adversity” tells his incredible Hero’s journey of going from being broke, divorced, bedridden and paralysed to a speaker that’s been interviewed over 100 times and has been heard by millions of people worldwide through live speaking engagements, Movie and Television, radio interviews and podcasts. 

Marcus is a dynamic and motivating speaker who truly knows of which he speaks covering topics like Overcoming Adversity, Mental Resilience, Functional Leadership and Pragmatic Empathy. Marcus uses the power of his own personal experiences to teach others the skills necessary to see Adversity as a Gift and opportunity to live a life of impact, success, happiness and fulfillment.

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