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Marcus is a prolific speaker and thought leader, bringing a new voice to a generation desperately seeking understanding, perspective, and wisdom. His keynotes have been forged by the fire of experience, giving Marcus the unique opportunity to translate life’s toughest problems into practical applications. His insight is universal, allowing him to reach across a multitude of demographics. A few of his key notes include The Gift of Adversity, Innovative Leadership, and Functional Philosophy.

The Gift of Adversity
Buckle up for a story a lifetime in the making. The Gift of Adversity is Marcus’ own personal journey through a life changing injury that left him paralyzed from the neck down. Suffering is a motif we can all relate to; but the timeless lessons learned and applied in realtime will leave you inspired to take advantage of the mindhacks Marcus discovered while in the midst of Adversity.
Innovative Leadership
The only way to cultivate better employees is to be a better leader. We often think of business as a pyramid, but the truth is as a supervisor we need to be the foundation and example of personal and professional development.
Functional Philosophy

Experience the dialogue of modern stoicism, Zen, and other warrior mindsets and unlock the secret to applying them to everyday life and business.

The Gift of Adversity | TEDx

Marcus was recently the opening speaker at TEDxCoMo, where he shared his story and lessons learned from Adversity; and how it shapes our role as a Citizen of the world.

During an interview in 1971, martial arts superstar and cultural icon Bruce Lee was asked if he considered himself to be Chinese or American. He smiled and replied, “you know how I would like to think of myself? As a human being. Because under the sky, under the heavens, there is but ONE family.” No matter what country you are a citizen of, every single person wants three things: freedom, respect, and love. We all want these things because once we start looking at our collective similarities and differences, we see that we are indeed, all one family.

What Others Are Saying

Marcus delivers some excellent points to live by with a calm, open demeanor and a powerful, committed presence. He is a great person with an excellent story as well.
Adam Sachs

Leadership and Performance Coach

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Based on a true story, Marcus combines real life lessons with old-school philosophy; giving him the opportunity to deliver messages designed to inspire and motivate audiences of all ages.

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